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The Best Drinking Water Solution in ‘Water On Net’

WON Water presents the WON Bottleless water cooler, you dependable source of delicious, pure, clean, and healthy drinking water for years on end. The WON bottleless water cooler not only saves cost and proves to be savings in the back office processing. It ensures an interrupted supply of healthy and clean drinking water all year round for your loved ones. The tested and certified 1 micron water filter system not only makes sure that all harmful elements are removed, but it also removes cysts, bad odor and taste during filtration.

The WON bottleless water cooler is designed to meet all your needs, and the apparatus is highly stable. This offers safety from the coolers from toppling over. Moreover spillage and dripping are well controlled to prevent wastage of water. The water coolers and dispensers are made from durable materials and they are UV radiation proof. Also the water reservoirs are made of excellent quality stainless steel and sealed to prevent external contamination. Bottled water always stands of external contamination once seal is broke. Moreover bottled dispensers need storage, lifting and larger space unlike WON water dispensers.

With the scarcity of drinking water rising with every year and becoming a global problem the WON BottleLess Water Cooler can be your solution to drinking water problems. WON Bottless is better than conventional drinking water dispensers with bottled supply in a number of ways. First and foremost bottleless water coolers do not have the recurring cost once you have bought it, as it comes with the purification and dispensing unit as a single pack. This can be concluded as a hugely money saving step. Also the purification unit of the WON Bottleless water cooler makes you free from refilling and buying the bottle, and renting a dispenser forever.

The WON BottleLess Water Cooler is available within 48 states of the USA. Our company is based in one city but we understand that the need of good, pure and hygienic water along with a facility to keep the water clean is not limited to one city. Water is a need for everyone. On average, everyone requires eight glasses of water under normal conditions. Shortage of water in the body can lead to serious problems. The process of detoxification in the body is hindered and sometimes halted because of the lack of water. The availability of clean water is therefore necessary. WON Water and its products include a water filter that can be installed with the The WON BottleLess Water Cooler and when the filter needs repair, we do not let you down there either. We are accessible in all states and a simple phone call can make us come to you for the filter replacement and repair services.

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